We all love traveling and few of us manage to go on tour every year. But for many of us, traveling abroad means breaking the bank. Yes, traveling is not cheap but it’s not expensive either. If you never went on a trip just because you don’t have a huge balance in the bank, then reconsider your decision again as traveling doesn’t need a large amount of money. Yes, that’s absolutely true. You can now visit your dream destinations in a budget. With less money, you can visit the most popular destinations and enjoy your time to the fullest without going out of your budget. It’s already been half a year and if you haven’t planned any trip yet, it’s the perfect time to do now. Visit See below our list of top 9 cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2018:

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia tops our list of the cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2018. Malaysia is not only the most popular country in Asia, it’s also one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world. Whether you want to relax on the beaches of Langkawi or witness the panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur or simply want to explore the colorful town of Penang, Malaysia has something to offer to all kind of tourists. Accommodation in Malaysia is as low as $10 per night. It’s even less if you prefer staying in hostel. Due to the diverse culture of Malaysia, you can have all kinds of cuisines here at less price. You can easily manage three-times meal in under $10 a day in Malaysia. Other cost including public transport and entry tickets to museums or other attractions, is also a lot cheaper than other countries.

       2. Bolivia

Bolivia used to be one of the most remote destinations in the world but it has started getting tourists’ attention for past few years. This unique country is home to some of the most spectacular attractions including the incredible salt flats “Salar de Uyuni”. But, there is a lot more to Bolivia. This beautiful country is home to some of the most stunning lakes, national parks and mountains. Besides its breathtaking scenery, Bolivia is also the cheapest destination for tourists. You can easily manage food, accommodation and transportation cost in under $30 a day. 

        3.  Nepal

Have you ever dreamed of making the trek to the stunning Mount Everest base camp? You can turn your dream into reality this year as visiting Nepal is much cheaper than any other destination in the world. Famous for its magnificent mountains and hundreds of years old temples, this incredible country offers a number of activities to the tourists. On top of its jaw-dropping scenery, Nepal is a perfect destination for budget travelers. You can easily book a three-star hotel in Nepal in as less as $10 per night and you can enjoy three-time meal for less than $10 a day. Isn’t it amazing?

        4. Indonesia

You can now explore the spectacular white sand beaches, enjoy scuba diving and witness the most beautiful rice paddy fields, all in budget. Yes, that’s absolutely true. Indonesia offers its tourists an opportunity to explore its picturesque landscape in budget. You can get room in hotel, guest house or in hostel is less than $20 per night. One-time meal in Indonesia costs as low as $2 and sometimes even less if you are eating from street karts. Transportation in Indonesia is the cheapest in Asia. You can hire a motorbike and explore the places on your own in just a few dollars per day. If you don’t want to rent a bike, don’t worry. Get a car in around $20 or less a day and enjoy your trip without breaking your budget.

         5. Morocco

Famous for its Sahara Desert and the blue city, Morocco has been attracting a large number of tourists for many years. This North African country has so much to offer to its visitors. Some travel to Morocco to enjoy the 4WD in its incredible Sahara Desert while others come to Morocco to explore the fairytale blue city “Chefchaouen” which is widely famous for its colorful architecture. Besides the beautiful architecture, Morocco is also a budget-friendly destination. You can easily get a room here in a nice hotel for as low as $10 per night. Three-times meal is also very affordable in Morocco.

        6. Vietnam

Vietnam is another fantastic budget getaway which you should definitely visit this year. From jaw-dropping islands to ancient temples to night markets, Vietnam has something for all kind of travelers. This country is full of breathtaking attractions which you can explore in budget. You can easily eat one-time meal in Vietnam in as low as $1 from street karts. Accommodation is also very affordable here with rooms ranging from $10 or more per night. Make sure to avoid the tourists’ areas as hotels are expensive there as compared to less crowded places.

        7. India

India is one of the most visited cheapest travel destinations in the world. From world famous Taj Mahal to colorful bazaars to the magnificent palaces of Rajasthan to the stunning beaches of Goa, India has it all. No matter what part of India are you planning to visit, you can easily find affordable accommodation is less than $15 a day. Three-time meal would cost you less than $10 in India or maybe less if you are eating street food which is highly recommended for tourists.  

        8. Turkey

Turkey is the most beautiful travel destination which has been attracting millions of tourists for many years courtesy to its hundreds of years old landmarks in Istanbul. Besides Istanbul, Turkey features some of the most beautiful beaches, islands and natural wonders including the jaw-dropping Pamukkale and Cappadocia. One might think that visiting Turkey would require a lot of money. That’s absolutely wrong. Turkey is one of the most budget-friendly destinations in the world. Whether you are in the touristy city of Istanbul or in Cappadocia or anywhere in the country, you can easily find accommodation for less than $20 a night. Local food item will also cost you as low as $2 which is easily affordable.

       9. Greece

Last but not the least on our list is Greece which is one of the cheapest travel destinations you must consider visiting in 2018. Greece is undoubtedly the most beautiful budget-friendly destination for travelers. You can explore the beautiful town of Oia, witness the sunset in Santorini and even relax on the stunning white sand beaches of Mykonos, all in a low budget. A room in a nice hotel won’t cost you more than $15 per night here. Food is also very affordable in Greece. You can eat the local food including Gyro (Greek style wrap with meat filling) for about $3.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and start planning your ultimate budget-friendly vacation to any of the above places this year with your friends and family! Need help? Contact us at  Have a nice trip ?

Things you can do on a long flight

Long flights can be boring, giving you anxiety of not able to move freely from the small space you have, not able to relax, uncomfortable, and these are only few of things that you can’t bare being in a long flight.

But having flown many times within the last 3 years, I have learned some ways to cope up and make the time pass and without you knowing it, you’re in your destination. Let me share them with you.

Use of in-flight Wifi

Most airlines if not all, have in-flight wifi and I set this up on my phone prior boarding ( you can do this too while on board or upon boarding). There is a small investment if you want to use it with several options like going online, texting, email etc. Its free with limited use in-flight.

Watch a Movie (Movies)

This is the next thing I always check. what movies to watch in-flight. It actually is a life saver for me and not minding the long hours being seated. Before you know it , you are almost where you are heading. Most airlines now have a screen in front of your seat so you can choose which movie you want to watch. Love that. Don’t forget your headphones or earphones!

Playing Games

Playing games is another way to entertain yourself. You can either play the games from your phone, or make use of the in-flight magazines or entertainment screen that offers selections like Sudoku, crossword , word searches etc. These can be very useful not to be mindful of the time.

Eat and Drink

When flight crew offer you something to eat and drink, eat and drink! Stay hydrated and not get hungry.


If you can manage to take a nap, do it. Neck pillows are nice to have, very useful -keeping your head in alignment and not falling front or back, left or right if you know what I mean.

Get up and Walk

Whenever possible, get up and walk. You need to stretch your legs and prevent untoward signs and symptoms. I am talking of developing possible blood clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Foot swelling is common and usually harmless , but you need to make extra effort to either walk, do some foot exercises on your seat , changing positions in your seats are some ways to help with relief.

In-flight INFO and Map

After all the above are used and still up there in the air, what do I do? – watch the flight info and maps 

So there you go, These are the things I usually do keeping the long flights a breeze. I’m sure there are still so many options but thought I share these with you.

Have a safe flight!

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