Things you can do on a long flight

Long flights can be boring, giving you anxiety of not able to move freely from the small space you have, not able to relax, uncomfortable, and these are only few of things that you can’t bare being in a long flight.

But having flown many times within the last 3 years, I have learned some ways to cope up and make the time pass and without you knowing it, you’re in your destination. Let me share them with you.

Use of in-flight Wifi

Most airlines if not all, have in-flight wifi and I set this up on my phone prior boarding ( you can do this too while on board or upon boarding). There is a small investment if you want to use it with several options like going online, texting, email etc. Its free with limited use in-flight.

Watch a Movie (Movies)

This is the next thing I always check. what movies to watch in-flight. It actually is a life saver for me and not minding the long hours being seated. Before you know it , you are almost where you are heading. Most airlines now have a screen in front of your seat so you can choose which movie you want to watch. Love that. Don’t forget your headphones or earphones!

Playing Games

Playing games is another way to entertain yourself. You can either play the games from your phone, or make use of the in-flight magazines or entertainment screen that offers selections like Sudoku, crossword , word searches etc. These can be very useful not to be mindful of the time.

Eat and Drink

When flight crew offer you something to eat and drink, eat and drink! Stay hydrated and not get hungry.


If you can manage to take a nap, do it. Neck pillows are nice to have, very useful -keeping your head in alignment and not falling front or back, left or right if you know what I mean.

Get up and Walk

Whenever possible, get up and walk. You need to stretch your legs and prevent untoward signs and symptoms. I am talking of developing possible blood clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Foot swelling is common and usually harmless , but you need to make extra effort to either walk, do some foot exercises on your seat , changing positions in your seats are some ways to help with relief.

In-flight INFO and Map

After all the above are used and still up there in the air, what do I do? – watch the flight info and mapsĀ 

So there you go, These are the things I usually do keeping the long flights a breeze. I’m sure there are still so many options but thought I share these with you.

Have a safe flight!

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