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Adventure Tour to Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is said to be an enchanting part of the Indian Himalayas. Perhaps the main reason for this is that Himachal, as it is commonly known, is blessed with nature’s splendors. It is the home of low rolling hills, snow-clad mountains, gushing streams, limpid lakes, torrential rivers, towering terraces of tea and corn, and beautiful hill resorts. It is even the exact place where you can find orchards rich in fruits and a wildlife that draws a wide array of tourist traffic. With all these nature’s gifts, it’s no wonder that Himachal Pradesh is now considered as one of the most important travel destinations in the planet.

Speaking of travel, a number of travel companies throughout India today offer an adventure tour to Himachal to those who wish to explore this enchanting place. Almost all of the adventure tour in Himachal Pradesh is offered inclusive of luxurious accommodation and guides. And, perhaps what’s nice to know about the tours is that they are given at affordable prices and with no experience required, allowing the people to enjoy an adventure that is truly worth remembering.

There are a number of places that are worth exploring in Himachal Pradesh. So if you are planning to take an adventure tour to Himachal, make sure that you know where you will land. Although every part of the Himachal Pradesh offers you the best features possible, it is still best to know exactly where you are heading to.

So if for instance your interest for an adventure tour to Himachal is skiing, then note that the best area to do such activity is Auli, which has long been considered as the prime ski zone of India. According to some claims, the view of this place is spectacular and is a real treat for those who consider an adventure tour to Himachal Pradesh. Perhaps one of the best highlights of Auli is its slopes that are covered with grass and wildflowers during summer, but change into a spectacular haven for skiers when the snow starts falling.

If your dream is to trek in Himachal Pradesh, then there is the Shoja area, which is considered as an ideal destination for adventure trekkers. On your adventure tour to Himachal, you can trek from Shoja to Jalori pass, Lambiri, Sereolsar Alpine Lake, Bachleo Pass, and to the Great Himalayan Park. In these areas, you will not only enjoy trekking, but you will surely be delighted with the beauty of the Himachal Pradesh’s forts and temples. The unique lifestyle of the locals will also add a new level of excitement to your adventure tour to Himachal.

Finally, Himachal Pradesh is an ideal destination for paragliding. Yes, paragliding had conquered India and it is now becoming one of the most accepted adventure sports in the country. So if this is your reason for attending an adventure tour to Himachal Pradesh, then note that until now there are certain locations in the Himachal Pradesh area that organize this exhilarating adventure sport. One of the paragliding centers is the Kangra Valley where an international paragliding event takes place every year. What actually makes this location perfect for a paragliding adventure tour to Himachal is that when you take off from the top, you will fall for about one kilometer, lasting an average flight for about 25 to 30 minutes. Yes, that great!

So are you ready for an adventure tour to Himachal Pradesh? If so, then look for the right guides and book your adventure as early as now.


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