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How to Prepare for Hiking Devils Bridge in Sedona


June 14, 2022

There are plenty of great trails in the Sedona area, including several that lead to the famous Sedona Devils Bridge. Whether you’re looking to hike, bike, or even horseback ride your way to this impressive piece of geology, it’s important to plan ahead and be ready for the journey ahead. This guide will help you prepare for hiking Devils Bridge in Sedona.

How to get there

There are a few ways you can get to and from Devils Bridge Trailhead. The most common route is by taking Page Rd. (Hwy 179) south toward Sedona, then turning onto Munds Park Dr. Drive 3.2 miles and turn right on Forest Service Rd 170/Cherry Canyon Rd. Drive 5 miles until you reach an intersection with Forest Service Rd 172. Turn left on FR 172 and drive 1 mile until you reach a parking lot on your right; that’s where you’ll start your hike!

What time of year should you go

Generally, late spring and early fall offer ideal hiking conditions at Devil’s Bridge. The weather is typically dry, with warm days and cool nights. While you may encounter a few people during your hike, it’s not nearly as busy as it can get during peak season (June-September). If you plan on hiking during peak season or have physical limitations that prevent you from going on challenging hikes, make sure to wear appropriate clothing and bring plenty of water. The rewards are well worth it!

What gear do you need

Choosing the right hiking gear is especially important if you’re headed out on a long hike. Water bottles are not just important when you’re thirsty, they’re a crucial way to stay cool and hydrated while working hard during your hike. To keep yourself hydrated, pack two or three 24-ounce water bottles before heading out on your adventure. And although many people like sports drinks for their electrolytes and energy, water is still best for rehydration after activity. That said, electrolyte tablets can be a handy thing to carry along—but remember that it takes eight tablets of potassium to equal just one piece of fruit!

What are some safety tips

Devil’s Bridge is located on Red Rock Loop Road, just a short distance from Cathedral Rock. Because it is a popular destination with many hiking paths and scenic viewpoints along its way, Devil’s Bridge can be quite crowded during peak tourist season. Safety should always be a top priority when visiting popular destinations—especially areas frequented by large groups of people. The following are some basic safety tips you can use before you visit Devil’s Bridge

Why should you go?

There are tons of hiking trails located just outside of Sedona, Arizona that offer incredible views. One such hike is a beautiful trail to Sedona Devils Bridge. But how long is it? How much elevation gain is there? What type of terrain should you expect? This post will detail all of these answers and more. I’ll even go into what clothing items you should wear and other tips that can help make your experience better. Let’s get started!

Typical hike time

It takes about 2 hours to hike across sedona Devils Bridge. If you’re hiking during warm months, be prepared for the heat—it can get very hot and dry here. There are no water stations on site, so make sure you bring at least 1 liter of water per person (more if you’re planning on doing a lot of photography or videography!). Additionally, it’s not recommended that you hike across Devils Bridge if you have any kind of knee issues. It is a relatively steep incline and your knees will thank you later if they get proper rest and recovery before your hike. Lastly, its important to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes!



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