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5 Reasons To Visit Grutas Tolantongo In Mexico


June 24, 2022

If you’re looking to travel somewhere warm, exciting, and different this winter, consider planning a trip to Mexico. More specifically, the state of Hidalgo in the country’s central highlands, where one of the most beautiful cave systems in the world awaits—the Grutas Tolantongo caves! Here are five reasons why you should visit Grutas Tolantongo if you can manage to get there!

Grutas Tolantongo

1) What Are Grutas Tolantongo?

Although many people have heard of cenotes, few have heard of grutas de tolantongo. A cenote is a naturally occurring sinkhole filled with water. The water-filled caves are usually located in limestone, and they’re often quite beautiful and picturesque. But if you want to visit a natural attraction that’s even more unique, then you might want to consider visiting grutas de tolantongo (or gruta for short). There are several caves around Tolentongo, all similar in size and geography. The area has grown popular as a tourist destination lately, though it remains somewhat off the beaten path. Below is a brief guide of what makes these caves so unique

2) When Is the Best Time to Visit?

An ideal time to visit Grutas de Tolantongo is during winter. Between December and February, temperatures are mild and rain is not as frequent. This means there’s less of a chance that you’ll run into landslides or flooding in the caverns themselves. The summer months of June to August are hot, muggy, and rainy – great if you want to cool off in one of nature’s spas! The very start of summer also coincides with Mother’s Day on May 10th – if you want to bring mom on an adventure for her special day, June would be a fun month for a trip! For more information about visiting at any other time of year, check out my article on When Is The Best Time To Visit?

3) Where Are They Located?

The Grutas de Tolantongo are located in central Mexico, roughly 3 hours from both Querétaro and Aguascalientes. The park is divided into two sections: one contains a sinkhole, while other is a cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Outside of these areas there are gardens, trails and picnic spots. The on-site gift shop also sells food and water bottles to take on your adventure. If you’re travelling between cities like Querétaro or Aguascalientes, you can buy a ticket that includes transportation between either city and the caves (this costs additional money). It is important to plan ahead when visiting during rainy season as roads can get very slippery.

4) How Much Do Tickets Cost?

There is a parking lot at Grutas Tolantongo, but that’s about it. Don’t be too alarmed by that. Mexico is much safer than many people think. There are nearby lodging options in town, including hotels and hostels. For example, there are several accommodations within walking distance of grutas tlaltongo and they range from $100-$300 a night depending on your preference.

5) Parking & Lodging Options

In addition to its many naturally formed wonders, there are two on-site restaurants in Grutas Tolantongo, as well as a small selection of novelty stores, souvenir shops and handicraft stores. Parking at these attractions is limited but it is possible to park along some nearby streets without paying for parking fees. It’s recommended that you visit these natural marvels during early mornings or late afternoons as most visitors tend to flock there during peak hours. We recommend staying overnight in one of several nearby hotels and eating at one of several nearby restaurants. Nearby lodging includes: Best Western Hotel Presidente and La Casita de Santa Fe. Nearby restaurants include El Palenque Restaurant & Bar and El Habalero Mexican Restaurant (with shuttle service).


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