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How to Book a Car Rental with Hopper


June 24, 2022

With the Hopper Car Rental app, you can book and pay for your rental from your phone in a matter of minutes, without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch! Here’s how it works…

Enter your travel details

All you have to do is input your travel details and pick up/drop off locations. For example, if you’re flying from Atlanta to Orlando, you should book your car rental for either airport. Enter in date of travel and click search. Your results will give you car types available at your selected airport, dates of availability and average daily rates. The display will also include any mandatory or optional fees attached so that you can decide if you want to rent based on price. If we find any savings options (this would be displayed at the top of your results page), those would automatically appear below in an easy-to-understand format – including what’s been saved in comparison to others as well as how much each option will cost per day!

Enter your vehicle details

Once you’ve found your perfect car rental, enter your vehicle details and click rent now. The more accurate you are here, the more precise your estimate will be. To save time and hassle, try entering a generic vehicle type (like compact car) instead of typing in all of its specifications. Also note that booking through our website is usually cheaper than calling an agent directly or going to a counter. However, if there are only one or two vehicles left at your preferred location, it could be worth paying extra so you can walk out with a set in stone booking that same day!

Compare options

You can search for car rental options right on our site. Just click Book Now and enter your travel information. It’s that easy! You’ll have a handful of deals from various providers within seconds, and if you see one you like, just click book now. We’ll put in an order for you, and it will be ready when you get there. Plus, we offer last-minute rates so that no matter when you book, we’ve got your back! Ready to hit up Europe? We’re happy to compare car rental prices for any destination worldwide. All kinds of transportation are possible—so start comparing today!

Check out options

If you’re looking for car rental deals, it’s smart to explore multiple websites. Prices can vary widely from site to site, so make sure you do your research and compare prices. The best way to compare options is by using an aggregator like hopper, which compares prices for different car rental providers in one place. It’s especially useful if you’re interested in renting a vehicle for an extended period of time; sites like hopper allow you to see price changes throughout your rental period (sometimes in as much as 7-day increments), meaning you can snag the best deal possible.

Pick up your rental car at the airport

Knowing what type of vehicle you need for your trip can make all the difference. For instance, if you’re traveling with a family, then you might want to book an SUV or minivan—or vice versa if flying solo. If you’re trying to keep costs down and gas consumption low, stick with a sedan (though don’t forget about safety features like automatic emergency braking or lane-departure alerts). Just be sure not to rent more car than you need: for every 100 miles driven, hopper rental cars use an extra 2.4 gallons of gas over private vehicles. And beware of SUV rentals: these babies guzzle up 12% more fuel than their sedan counterparts.

Drive safe

Renting a car is one of those things that you think about for years in advance, but never quite find yourself doing. This year, resolve to take some of those ideas off your bucket list and book your next rental car—or at least start looking into it. It can be complicated so we’ve broken down how to do it step-by-step. If you don’t need insurance, there are lots of ways to rent cheap in addition to affordable cars if you know where to look! We’ve listed our top picks below.


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