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Small Town Bed And Breakfasts Offer Rest And Relaxation


Sometimes, you just have to get away from it all. The frantic pace of daily living all too frequently can become overwhelming – from the pressures of working, to rushing back and forth to sporting events and school concerts, to just figuring out what to serve for dinner. Life in suburbia is more complicated than most people are willing to admit.

So when you’re looking for a refuge, a place to escape from the chaos, where should you go? Many couples and families prefer to spend their vacations at mega resorts in bustling tourist destinations. The idea is to provide a bevy of luxurious amenities thought to make your vacation simpler and more relaxing. Or do they? Will an overabundance of options, such as game rooms, swimming pools, room service, and spas really simplify life on vacation?

Or might they just further serve to unsettle an already stressful exodus? Traveling, whether alone or with a spouse or with children, in and of itself is hectic. Many large hotel resorts offer families so many varied activities and distractions that it can only makes your vacation seem even more fevered, not to mention time spent chasing the kids around and monitoring them in their pursuit of pleasure.

There is another issue as well – the money. Large commercial resorts can seriously injure your wallet. From the suite, to the meals, to the entertainment, to the activities; by the end of the vacation your swollen debt could easily heighten the stress you felt when you left home! Finally, many people simply don’t care for the environment of a mammoth resort. It can seem merely an extension of the maniacal hubbub you left behind. Is this what you bargained for when you planned your vacation?

What’s the answer, you ask? Well, more and more people are choosing to stay in Bed and Breakfast inns offering a wonderful retreat for vacationers in search of local color. More often than not, they are off the beaten path and are operated by gracious owners in a converted, single family home. A Bed And Breakfast (B&B for short) offers a welcome substitute for the restless, mega resort lifestyle, and can be found just about anywhere.

What Can I Expect From A Bed And Breakfast?

Imagine a leisurely drive through a quaint, quiet little town. You move along the main drag, observing the small shops and eateries that line the road. You wander up a long, winding driveway, glancing at stables to your right, and up ahead you see a large, three-story home; the Bed And Breakfast. You park the car and walk in the house where you immediately receive a warm personal greeting from the owner. Typically, this is what you can expect at a Bed And Breakfast.

What Can I Do?

If you think you’ll miss out on a good time the good news is, you never have to worry about things to do when you’re sojourning at a Bed And Breakfast. You’re on a pilgrimage of discovery where you’ll savor the many wonderful opportunities to observe or participate in small town ambience and events.

What you’ve chanced upon is an occasion to become steeped in local color. More and more smaller communities are seeing older residences being converted into Bed And Breakfast Inns allowing guests a liesurly way to take advantage of local festivals, art shows, races and marathons, auctions, and other delightful small town events.

You can also branch out to experience attractions unique to the area; perhaps a small town Bed And Breakfast located in the mountains will be able to provide you with information about hiking, fishing or caverns. A Bed And Breakfast near the ocean may yield walks and relaxation on an un-crowded beach. The possibilities are endless and far less structured than resorts in heavily touristed destinations. Now isn’t that a prospect well worth considering? Think Bed and Breakfast!

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