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What’s the Buzz on Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar?


June 17, 2022

If you’re looking for the best tiki bar Carolina Beach, then you’ve come to the right place! Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar carolina beach offers cocktails and food in an elegant atmosphere with a laid-back vibe. Take the kids along, or enjoy this special place with your sweetheart. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with your experience at Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar! To find out more about what makes it so great, keep reading!

The Atmosphere

Without a doubt, one of our favorite features at OGTB is their outside seating area. In case you haven’t been there, it’s kind of like being in your own tropical oasis. They have outdoor speakers playing soft island tunes, a water wall and fountains to match. Tables have umbrellas over them to protect you from any sun while also giving you enough privacy so that you can talk comfortably with anyone sitting at your table. And every time I go there, I see people on dates or just friends hanging out catching up and having a good time.

The Food

Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar carolina beach is a little more expensive than some of its competitors. While many restaurants charge $50 for an average steak, Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar carolina beach averages out at $56. That’s not necessarily bad news, though: because you can bring your own wine to most of their locations, you can make your experience even more affordable by bringing in a bottle from your favorite vineyard. The restaurant will charge a modest corkage fee and then refill it for free—and they offer over 20 wines under $30 so you don’t have to spend big bucks if you want to enjoy a good quality red or white with dinner.

The Price

Reviews are positive regarding price. There is a lunch special where you can get an appetizer, entree and drink for less than $10. Several people say it is just as good as more expensive restaurants in Beverly Hills, but at a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind that there is no cover charge to enjoy live music and dancing here. Alcoholic drinks are around $10 each but most people say they are not overpriced. On happy hour nights, certain mixed drinks or beers can be had for under $5. Some customers have also said they have received coupons at random times which make it very affordable to eat out here if you time it right!

The Service

It’s important to not only ask about a restaurant’s food, but also how it treats its patrons. If a server is attentive and efficient without being overly pushy, that’s something you should take note of. With regards to social media mentions and reviews, look for restaurants that have fair or positive feedback; if they have a lot of bad reviews or comments regarding poor service, then cross them off your list. On Yelp, which features crowd-sourced ratings and reviews, users can check in at businesses with their phones to show that they were there—the site then calculates star ratings based on all of its collected data.


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