19-Apr-2024 | 08:05:31

Why Corporate Jet Charter Services Are More Beneficial Than Owning A Private Jet


In the face of fierce global competition, cost efficiencies, and lurking terrorist threats, air travel became a burden instead a pleasure. Suddenly, time is a luxury, flexibility is critical, and safety the utmost priority. The tragic September 11 attacks further reinforced the need to increase security in every airport around the globe. Given these mounting challenges and growing passenger dissatisfaction, corporate jets are here to save the day. Moreover, travelers have an option to either use corporate jet charter services or purchase their own corporate jet.

The growing popularity and efficiency of utilizing private corporate jets over regular commercial airlines, undeniably, altered the air transportation industry. Time and comfort are now under control. Travelers are more flexible with regard to their flight schedules, can change destinations without much hassle, and can afford more privacy. Consequently, pleasure of traveling is once again restored with a corporate jet charter.

With numerous advantages of corporate jet compared with regular airlines coupled with several companies offering corporate jets or corporate jet charter services at very competitive rates, the bigger question perhaps is whether to utilize corporate air charter services or procure private corporate jets. The decision regarding buying corporate jets requires meticulous evaluation particularly on overall expenses, taxes, and legal implications.

Weighing all major factors like costs, travel frequency, average stay, and availability of commercial airlines or private corporate jets, utilizing corporate jet charter service is the logical choice for the greater majority.

Corporate jet charter service is mainly hassle free and the most affordable option available in the market. With corporate jet charter services, travelers can save by not paying any contract payments and pay only based on actual trips. Moreover, they can choose the best corporate jet that will suit their needs and caprices. This is very critical especially if the number of passengers using the corporate air charter is erratic. More importantly, the desired private corporate jet will be available with as little as 4 hours notice! Essentially, corporate jet charter service is like owning a private corporate jet without full payment!

Conversely, acquiring private corporate jets can be very cumbersome. There are two alternatives regarding procurement of corporate jets and full or fractional ownership. The former requires a company or an entity to pay 100% of the total costs while the latter is a titled ownership of a portion of a corporate jet. Fractional ownership of a corporate jet can be as low as 1/16 shares. Either way, owners will have to absorb high startup costs, operating expenses, and monthly maintenance fees even when not in use. Not to mention other fees like fuel surcharges, fuel surcharges, federal excise taxes, and international fees. Aside from monetary considerations, ownership entails time-consuming efforts like hiring of pilots, scheduling of repairs, negotiations with hangar space rent, and processing insurance.

In summary, the general tenet in every successful business decision is to maximize profitability and minimize costs. Similarly, corporate jet charter services offer a very practical way of containing costs without losing the comfort and luxury of air travel.


Shane Doe

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