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Selecting An Orlando Vacation Hotel For Your Family Getaway


Going for a family Getaway? Orlando is a fine choice if you’re thinking of going to Disney, maybe having a little sightseeing, and going to the major destinations and tourist attractions in the Orlando, Florida area. The best areas to go to are some of the most popular as well, ranking among some of the highest in the world. Disney, for example, is one of the largest in terms of size and number of visitors. But vacations are not only about going places, you also have to think about where to stay, and an Orlando vacation hotel is perfect for your family holiday.

Hotels in resorts

Among the popular resort locations in Orlando, there are hotels that you and your family can stay in while you’re on vacation. That means that you won’t have to go far when time comes to turn your vacation fun up a few notches. Just a short walk’s distance from tourist attractions, hotels situated in resorts are perfect if you want to have fun while being near the hotel. This is better suited for those who have to have instant access to their hotel rooms, be it for special needs or what. Fun in or near the water is great for those who have a love for the beach.

Standalone hotels

As well as having hotels tied up in resort compounds, there are also standalone hotels in the city of Orlando, and these range from three to five-star accommodations. Perfect for everyone with every kind of budget. These hotels are also strategically located in the heart of the city or near existing tourist destinations so you know they really have convenience as their trump cards.

Hotels and theme parks

If ever you want to have a vacation wherein you start having fun right from the moment that you step out of your hotel, then you’ll want to stay in hotels located within the compound of the theme parks you’re planning to visit. Disney and Universal offer hotel accommodations right within their parks so that you’ll never have to be far away from their fun entertainment for everybody in the family. These are luxury accommodations, but with the right package or offer from travel agencies that you’ve booked with, then these rates might be reasonable enough for you to take.

Villas and luxury accommodations

Of course, there’s always a presence of super-luxurious accommodations in the vicinity of Orlando, so that anybody who wants to stay in complete pampering in their hotels can book a reservation in luxury hotels while on vacation. Iconic names in the hotel industry such as the Peabody or Sheraton have a presence here. There is no shortage in Orlando when it comes to luxury. Of course, there are villas for rent as well, so if you’re traveling in a small or moderate group you can rent your own place while on vacation.

Theme hotels

Theme hotels seem like a trademark of Disney, and they deliver on their promise. With entire hotels having a motif of their own, these hotels promise to deliver a unique experience in their own right. If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a hotel that gives visitors a touch of Africa, Disney has one just for you.

But wherever you go and whatever budget you may have, there will always be an Orlando Vacation Hotel that’s right for your budget and provide perfect accommodations for everybody in the family.


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